Feb 1st or May 1st 

MIX Application Deadlines

Don't wait until the deadline! There are limited openings!

Sept. 23rd

KIP (Keio International Program) Application

  • Dates may change each semester
More info on KIP Application

Dec. 19th

Keio Student Housing Application

  • Dec. 19th - Jan 16th
Some dorms are highly sought after (ex. Motosumiyoshi). If you don't apply as soon as the application opens, you might not get your first choice! Get on it!

March 23rd

Keio Student Housing Check-in

  • March 23rd - 24th
Plan to arrive at Narita/Haneda Airport no later than 2:00 PM. Check-in times are 9AM - 6PM. If you arrive too late, you will have to stay in a hotel (and waste$).

March 27th

Mandatory Student Orientation