List of application documents for KIP (Keio International Program):

  1. Official nomination letter (Cover Letter) from your home institution
  2. Application form (with photos)
  3. Study proposal
    1. This includes what classes you plan to take so be sure to research their course catalog and see which credits transfer back to your home institution.
  4. One academic reference
    1. I recommend asking professors for this weeks in advance (must be written within the past 3 months). Don't wait for your nomination to start thinking about letters of recommendation.
  5. Self-evaluation sheet for Japanese language proficiency
  6. Official transcript
    1. For your reference regarding transcript requests from UH Office of the Registrar:
      1. Standard request: $5 per copy mailed out or available for pick-up within five business days of receiving request
      2. Rush Request: $15 per copy mailed out or available for pick-up within two business days of receiving request
  7. Certificate of health
    1. You need to have this filled out by your doctor/primary care physician. 
  8. Certificate of financial support
    1. An official letter from your bank or letter from your parents saying they will financially support you as well as a letter from your parent's bank


    2.  A letter from the scholarship/organization stating the amount of funds that is to be provided. (See Keio website for more details)
  9. One copy of passport
    1. Make a second copy to keep for your records in case of emergency
  10. One photocopied set of documents #2-7 (stapled together at the top left of page)

Also don't forget:

  • Online registration (you should actually do this first)
  • Print 3 or more photos of yourself (3cm x 4cm, glossy) and paste one to your application form, attach two others to the form
  • Application for certificate of eligibility (visa), email to